Medical Event Cover

Fans cheering at rock festival

STS Medics provide medical event cover for fairs, festivals, nightclubs and sporting events.

When large crowds gather for public events there needs to be first aid cover to ensure customers well being and safety.

Our STS Medics staff are smart, professional, experienced, DBS checked and friendly.

In the event of an incident happening at your event, you can be safe in the knowledge that their skills will prevent further harm and will save lives. Our team will provide essential medical care onsite or until the emergency services arrive if needed.

We use staff who work as community first responders, Firefighters, Paramedics and Nurses. We have covered triathlons, rugby events, festivals, nightclubs, corporate events and exhibitions.


All prices are bespoke to suit your needs but to give you an idea of our competitive prices;

2 Medics to cover a bonfire night lasting 5/6 hours costs £275, 3 medics £355, 4 medics £395.

First Aid cover for a nightclub costs £150 plus £11 per hour per first aider.

Bonfire night

With this in mind please get in touch so that we can discuss and tailor the cover to your individual needs.

STS Rescue Medics

For events with special risks, we can also provide a Rescue team.

Such as a Mountain Climb or Water Event.

If your event needs water rescue or other specialist teams we have a network of firefighters and paramedics that work in the emergency services specialising in technical rescue and hazardous area response. Our speciality is keeping your customers safe in and around the water using land or kayak based rescue teams in dry suits. Other hazardous areas like confined space and working at height can also be managed by our teams.

Mountain medicsAndy sitting on the side of SnowdonOverlooking llanberis Matt and Mark

We do not accept last-minute bookings for this team as a full risk assessment and briefing is essential.

Call 07912227985 for more information.